2. The Tower of Monteleone

During the fifteenth century the tower was repeatedly the victim of assaults such as that of the warlord Braccio da Montone and then of Malatesta of Rimini who tried to conquer all the territory of Fermo, until 1521 with the hard assault of another captain of fortune, Brancadoro, lord of Petritoli, who passed to posterity as a “warrior of great skill and valor”.
The many assaults, but also the passage of time, made it necessary continuous adjustments of the tower in order to maintain it in full efficiency.
The painting in the parish church of San Marone shows the patron saint holding a book on which Monteleone is resting. The painting was made around 1600 and you can see the tower that lacks some parts on top and that, later, will be rebuilt with the roof instead of battlements. A careful work of consolidation and restoration took place in 1775, but already in 1825 it was necessary to rebuild the roof.
In 1929 there was a further restoration and a substantial consolidation for a total cost of 5.900 lire (ancient name of the local currency), also the embankment had to be strengthened. The opening of the street, which from the town hall reaches the square outside the walls, in fact, also made necessary the restoration of the massive support escarpment built around the tower formed by blocks of stone and mortar ensuring its stability.
Even in recent years the Tower and the entire center of Monteleone have been the protagonists of very accurate and deep restorations that have respected and maintained the valuable urban structure that dates back to 1200.
Today the tower stretches over 4 floors that can be visited and open to the public with a museum tour to discover the country, its history and its many naturalistic peculiarities.
At the top of the tower there is a unique balcony of emotions and beauty: a 360 º view that sweeps over much of the center of the Marche, discovering the Apennine mountains to the west that slope gently between hills, valleys with rivers and streams to the plain and beaches of the Adriatic Sea.
There is no season in which the view is not magnetic and fascinating, just as there is no time of day that does not inspire wonder: the change of light, seasons, colors, and shades make this view always different and magical, unique as its tower.